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about us

Hi, I'm Karen Thrower and for over 20 years I have had the pleasure of doing what I LOVE. Helping people accomplish something that seemed impossible or to connect them with someone that seemed unreachable.

I gained my entrepreneurial passion while working for The Noisette Company in North Charleston. Noisette was a small company with a big vision that was looking to change the landscape of my hometown. As the Manager for the Noisette Urban Alliance, I honed my superpower of building relationships and community engagement. Every day was a new adventure and the people and businesses I was able to open doors for was exciting. I created Kharis Consulting Services, LLC and began working with congregations and religious organizations to create unique worship experiences.

For years I have been connecting people and Kharis Connect has been an idea on my vision board and now it is a reality. Thank you for helping me launch a community of Black Owned Businesses who will provide valuable resource tools to increase product and service awareness to consumers. This community will also generate collaborative opportunities for social and economic development along with mentorship for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The vision is BIG, the time is NOW and WE CAN DO this together.

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